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(2 Pack) Fluker's 1.2-Ounce Freeze Dried Crickets 2 Pack

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Gut-loaded with Fluker's Hi-Calcium Cricket Diet, then freeze-dried to maintain the maximum Nutritional value your pet needs.

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  • Fluker's Freeze Dried Crickets can be used in combination with other Fluker's freeze dried products to provide your pet with natural prey items without the mess and expense of live prey items
  • Fluker's 100 percent Freeze Dried Crickets are first gut loaded with Fluker's High Calcium Cricket Diet, then freeze dried to maintain the maximum nutritional value and taste your pet needs
  • Take the hassle out of keeping and maintaining live feeders for your pets with our freeze dried crickets, mealworms, bloodworms, daphnia or river shrimp
  • A tasty and healthful diet for reptiles, birds, and tropical fish
  • 2 pack of Fluker's Freeze Dried Crickets, 2.4 ounces total
  • Brand: Fluker's
  • Size: 2 Pack
  • Shipping weight: 25
  • EAN: 0659653182283
  • MPN: 72025

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