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Vita Flex Pro Accel Health & Wellness Formula 100528458

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Vita Flex Pro Accel Health & Wellness Formula for Horses is a comprehensive, vitamin and mineral balanced supplement that contains fourteen amino acids to help maintain muscle tissue and support protein breakdown during exercise. The easy-to-feed mini pellets make it simple. Available in 5lb, 15lb and 30 lb. sizes.

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  • Available in 5lb, 15lb and 30 lb sizes
  • Easy-to-feed small pellets
  • Fourteen amino acids to help maintain muscle tissue & support protein breakdown during exercise
  • Balanced, comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement
  • Brand: Vita Flex
  • Size: 5 Pound
  • Shipping weight: 539
  • Model: 100528458
  • EAN: 0758900000025
  • MPN: 100528458

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