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Omega One Super Color Flakes Fish Food 12 Ounce FBA_91618

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or enhancers such as salmon skins, Omega One Super Color Flakes offer the hobbyist an extreme, yet healthy color enhancement opportunity for their fish. Salmon skins contain pigments called beta-carotenes, which once consumed, have a nearly 100% transfer rate to the skin of ornamental fish. No food is more effective in bringing out the natural brilliance of fish.

  • Naturally insoluble, reducing water pollution
  • An abundance and variety of fresh seafood protein means less starch
  • Does not contain meals, hydrolysates, digests, or any other pre-processed protein
  • Natural pigments in salmon skins for vibrant colors
  • Elevated levels of beta carotenes for significant color enhancement
  • Brand: Omega One
  • Model: FBA_91618
  • EAN: 0698220916814
  • MPN: FBA_91618

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