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(3 Pack) Vita Prima Rabbit Formula (4 lb. Bag) 8 OZ

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Sunseed Vita Prima daily diet food is specially formulated to provide a nutritious and balanced diet for adult rabbits. This is a nutritious high fiber, Timothy hay based diet balanced to be an excellent foundation for pet rabbit health and well being. Adult rabbits require a high fiber, low energy diet to keep their digestive tract healthy and active. The lower protein and calcium levels of this Timothy based diet are beneficial to the specific dietary needs of adult and aging rabbits. This vitamin fortified diet contains vitamin and minerals, beneficial bacteria for digestive health, papaya to support digestion, grains rich in omega fatty acids, amino acids and Omega 3's for skin and coat conditioning, fresh chopped Timothy hay, bananas and carrots to enhance product texture and dietary appeal.

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  • Contains papaya to aid digestion, essential fatty acids for skin and coat conditioning and spirulina for immune system.
  • Lower protein and calcium levels are beneficial to mature and adult rabbits.
  • Nutritious high fiber, timothy hay based diet fortified and balanced to be foundation for pet rabbits.
  • 3 Packages each 4 lbs. (12 lbs. Total)
  • (3 Pack) Vita Prima Rabbit Formula (4 lb. Bag)
  • Brand: Sunseed Company
  • EAN: 0087535490803
  • MPN: 49080

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