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Polka Dot Disney Custom Personalized Pet ID

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Don't let your pet get loose and not have a tag! Our beautiful licensed tags are made from high quality material yet still maintains a light and agile feel for the dog. Our tags are waterproof, sun-resistant and firm to the grip. 100% money back guarantee

  • This pet tag will work with all types of collars.
  • Free collar connecting ring
  • Tags are 1 sides, brushed silver on the back.
  • Our tags are waterproof, sun-resistant and firm to the touch. Lightweight and won't slow down your pet.
  • To start, click the customize button!
  • Brand: THE TAG GUYS
  • Size: Fits all collars
  • Color: Red & Black
  • EAN: 0651748713068
  • MPN: 4334679413

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