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Rep-Cal SRP00210 Phosphorous-Free Calcium Ultrafine

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Rep-Cal phosphorous-free ultrafine powder is an excellent source of calcium for all reptiles and amphibians. Scientifically formulated from 100-percent natural oyster shell phosphorous-free calcium carbonate with added vitamin D3 to aid in the absorption of calcium. We ask that you mix Rep-Cal with vitamin supplement Herptivite. If we premixed the products, the beadlets of beta carotene in Herptivite may possibly be damaged during manufacturing by the calcium in Rep-Cal. Mix with vegetables, fruits and pastes approximately 1/2-tablespoon Rep-Cal with 1/2-tablespoon Herptivite per lbs of food. Thoroughly mix a 1:1 ratio of Rep-Cal and herptivite in a plastic bag. Place insects in the bag. Shake slowly until they are completely covered. No other supplementation is required. Available in 7 lbs size.

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  • Available In 7 lbs Size
  • Shake Slowly Until They Are Completely Covered; No Other Supplementation Is Required
  • Mix with vegetables, fruits and pastes approximately 1/2 tablespoon Rep-Cal with 1/2 tablespoon herptivite per lbs of food
  • Scientifically Formulated From 100-Percent Natural Oyster Shell Phosphorous-Free Calcium Carbonate With Vitamin D3 To Aid In Absorption Of Calcium
  • Rep-Cal Ultrafine Powder Is An Excellent Source Of Calcium For All Reptiles And Amphibians
  • Brand: Rep-Cal
  • Size: 7-Pound
  • Shipping weight: 100
  • Model: SRP00210
  • EAN: 0788286002108
  • MPN: SRP00210

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