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Niteangel 2-Pack of 75 Watt 120-

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Niteangel Moonlight Spot Lamps are applicable for diversity of reptiles & amphibians, this series of products can provide a mild warming pattern without disrupting your pets' nocturnal behaviors. The special paintcoat over the bulb is able to simulate the moonlight in the nature, creating a suitable atmosphere in the terrarium for your animals.

It creates a great visual effect of the terrarium. Dark light source is convenient for you to carry out a night observation of your animals' activities (hunting & mating), even some secret behaviors of the shy & sensitive animals. The purple illumination can calm reptiles & amphibians down and make them have a quiet mood.

The lamp can provide a stable & continuing heat without a bright light source to avoid of terrifying the animals & effect their mood.

We test every lamp's power turn-on & illumination & external appearance to insure the lamp comes to your hand with high-quality.

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  • The lifespan of this lamp can reach 2000 hours, before leaving factory, we tested its power turn-on & illumination & external appearance to insure its high-quality.
  • Enables night observation of the animals without disrupting the 24-hour cycle.
  • Suitable as a constant heat source in terrariums.
  • Maintains the higher environmental temperature during the night phase for tropical animals & promotes their physiological well-being.
  • Ideal for simulating the nocturnal animals' environment.
  • Brand: Niteangel
  • EAN: 0667673741687

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