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EastCities Pet SweatersSmall Dogs Cats Clothes Puppy

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Please carefully measure your dog's chest ,back and neck (a bit loosely when measure), and then refer to the following information before order:

7":(Back:7 inch/18cm, Chest:9-11 inch/23-28cm, fits for 2.2-3.3 lb)

9":(Back:9 inch/23cm, Chest:11-13 inch/28-33cm, fits for 3.3-5.5 lb)

11":(Back:11 inch/28cm, Chest:13-15 inch/33-38cm, fits for 6.6-7.7 lb)

13":(Back:13 inch/33cm, Chest:15-17 inch/38-43cm, fits for 8.8-11 lb)

15":(Back:15 inch/38cm, Chest:17-19 inch/43-48cm, fits for 12-15 lb)

Note: Be sure to carefully measure the dog , if your dog is growing, choose a large one

Package includes:1 x Sweater

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  • This sweater is not too thick
  • Hand wash, and machine wash (wash separately from others clothes)
  • Perfect for every day wear, sleep time and photos, 11":(Back:11 inch/28cm, Chest:13-15 inch/33-38cm, fits for 6.6-7.7 lb)
  • Super soft and warm fabric,more comprehensive protection for your cute baby pet
  • TIPS: Please measure your pets carefully (especially the chest girth) and choose the correct size according to our size chart before order
  • Brand: EastCities
  • Size: 11"
  • Color: Blue
  • Shipping weight: 13
  • EAN: 6143078290837
  • MPN: AD092-3

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