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Vitakraft Rabbit Drops With Wild Berries Treat 25443

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Vitakraft's Rabbit Wild Berry drops are a popular treat containing ripe berries, yogurt, natural whey protein and no artificial colorings. Our yogurt drops are a treat your pet is sure to love. Use our treat as a between meal snack or any time your pet deserves a special reward. Features essential lecithin your pet needs to stay healthy. Resealable bag keeps treats fresh and tasty.

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  • Made In Germany
  • Resealable Bag Keeps Treats Fresh And Tasty.
  • Features Essential Lecithin Your Rabbit Needs To Stay Healthy With No Artificial Coloring.
  • Contains Natural Whey And Protein To Promote A Healthy Lifestyle.
  • Drops Are Made With Ripe Berries And Yogurt.
  • Brand: Vitakraft
  • Size: 5.3 ounce
  • Shipping weight: 30
  • Model: 25443
  • EAN: 0764999781806
  • MPN: 25443

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