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PF Wonder Salve 2 oz. Vet Formulated

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PF Wonder Salve is a veterinarian formulated paste type creme or horses and other livestock. It may be used for a variety of skin issues including Proud Flesh, Skin Irritations, Wire cuts, Mange, Mud Fever, Saddle Sores, Cuts, Burns, Rashes, & Fungal Issues. Non-caustic, it does not burn or sting skin. Painless and Odorless, Safe and effective. Anti-Inflammatory, PF Wonder Salve relieves pain. Easy to use - Apply directly to area and bandage if possible. Works bandaged or un-bandaged. The order includes the 2-ounce size jar with a wooden mixer, applicator brush, and directions. The salve is highly concentrated. A little goes a long way. The 2 oz. size jar is recommended for small to medium size issues. Apply a thin layer of salve to area. Effectively prevents and eliminates proud flesh with no damage.

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  • Superior Aid for Wounds, Skin Disorders & Proud Flesh
  • Brand: PF Wonder Salve
  • EAN: 0615435142579

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