Kaytee Total Comfort Bedding DustFree and EcoFriendly Pet Bedding

A safe and eco-friendly bedding product for small animals.

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Small Pet Select Hand Made Digging Platform DGPLT

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We've never met a rabbit who didn't love to dig. Instead of having your carpet ruined, you can provide a lovely handmade platform just for the purpose! Yup, Duncan the Toy Elf has made these by hand in our workshop. All materials are bunny safe! This will be a well-loved addition to your rabbitat. Big enough for a large rabbit.

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  • Big enough for a large rabbit
  • All materials used are rabbit safe
  • Handmade digging platform for rabbits
  • Brand: Small Pet Select
  • Shipping weight: 400
  • Model: DGPLT
  • EAN: 0611138712408

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