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Pet Ag Products KMR Milk Replacer Liquid -

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Pet Ag Products KMR Milk Replacer Liquid - 11 Oz can Healthcare & Supplements

  • Liquid - 11 oz can
  • Creamy, delicious taste that kittens love
  • Formulated to replicate mother's milk and promote growth
  • Number one milk replacer for orphaned kittens and small animals
  • KMR Milk Replacer is a milk substitute that can be fed to kittens and puppies. This specially formulated substitute works well for baby animals that have not been weaned from their mothers.
  • Brand: Pet Ag
  • Size: 1 Pack
  • Color: N/A
  • Shipping weight: 78
  • Model: Pet Ag Products KMR Milk Replacer Liquid
  • EAN: 0700580215749
  • MPN: Pet Ag Products KMR Milk Replacer Liquid

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