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Laguna Replacement BulbUV Sterilizer/Clarifier 2000 (28W) PT1676

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The Laguna Replacement Bulb, 28 Watts, is the replacement bulb for the Fluval UV Sterilizer/ Clarifier 2000. It is for ponds between 1000-2000 gallons and has a flow rate of 500-1000 GPH. All you have to do to change the bulb is simply twist off the end, remove the prong UV bulb, and replace it with a new one.

  • For best results, replace the U.V. bulbs at the beginning of each pond season
  • UV Sterilizers clean up large amounts of harmful microorganisms
  • Simple replacement; Easy twist off
  • 28 watt light bulb for the Laguna UV Sterilizer/Clarifier 2000
  • Brand: Laguna
  • Shipping weight: 21
  • Model: PT1676
  • EAN: 0015561216760
  • MPN: L-28W2000

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