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FARNAM 30401 Aerosol Wound Kote Pet Oinment

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Aerosol Wound-Kote, is formulated for surface wounds, minor cuts and skin abrasions. How it works is that it coats the wound, disinfects it and aids in early scab formation. Acts quickly, so no type of infection will occur. Tolerable substance that is not easily rubbed or washed off. An aid against bacterial infections common in skin lesions. Comes in a 5 oz. aerosol can.

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  • An Aid Against Bacterial Infections Common In Skin Lesions
  • Substance That Is Not Easily Rubbed Or Washed Off
  • Acts Quickly, So No Type Of Infection Will Occur
  • Works By Coating The Wound, Disinfecting It and Aiding In Early Scab Formation
  • Formulated For Surface Wounds, Minor Cuts and Skin Abrasions
  • Brand: Farnam
  • Size: 5 Ounce
  • Shipping weight: 5
  • Model: 30401
  • EAN: 0086621304017
  • MPN: 30401

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