Choosing Aquarium Supplies

A guide to help the reader choose what aquarium equipment is right for them.

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Dainichi KOI - GROWTH-PLUS (5.5 lb)

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GROWTH PLUS contains a unique blend of montmorillonite clay, white fish meal, krill, and shrimp . This formula provides your fish with a high amounts marine protein which promotes both rapid growth and color enrichment. GROWTH PLUS also features an appetite-enhancing nutritional coating containing calcium montmorillonite clay and un-cooked digestive enzymes which facilitate the highest degree of digestibility. Growth Plus will not foul the filter or water. It is suggested for use during the warmer or high growth months.

  • Large 7.5mm pellets
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with other Dainichi formulas
  • Appetizing coating to entice even the most timid koi
  • Formulated for maximum growth
  • Features the highest level of usable, quality marine proteins and minerals
  • Brand: Dainichi
  • MPN: 1

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