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Zilla Reptile Food Adult Iguana Fortified 6. 100111682

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Because an adult iguana has special dietary needs, Zilla researchers formulated a food specifically to suit a mature pet’s 2-3 day feeding cycle and unique nutrition demands. Zilla food contains the added fiber a mature digestive system requires, along with a tempting mix of plant materials iguanas prefer. Consistency is carefully monitored, since iguanas cannot masticate (chew) food. The blend is topped off with essential minerals for robust growth, vivid color and good health, then packaged in a convenient screw top jar designed for eye appeal on a retail shelf.

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  • Store in a cool, dry place for maximum freshness
  • Food may be moistened to increase palatability
  • Feeding amounts will vary, begin with one tablespoon per length of foot of the animal or approximately as much as the juvenile iguana will eat in one 12 hour period - adjust as needed
  • Can be fed with other foods or be the primary diet
  • Adult iguanas are primarily herbivores that consume plants and flowers in the wild and this food is formulated with ingredients they need to promote growth and vibrant color
  • Brand: Zilla
  • Size: 6.5-oz canister
  • Shipping weight: 50
  • Model: 100111682
  • EAN: 0096316695054
  • MPN: ZIL-001

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