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Habitrail Ovo Window 62701 Assorted Colors Assorted Colors

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The Habitrail OVO Windows allow you to block off paths so your design is not left open. All around perforations improve airflow and ventilation to ensure your hamster's home is always fresh. The Habitrail OVO Windows come in a variety of colors and are the perfect way to create new paths in your pet's home.

  • Measures 2.5 inches diameter, 0.25 inches width
  • Attaches to other Habitrail OVO accessories
  • Perforations improve airflow and ventilation
  • 3 pack in a variety of colors: orange, blue and lime
  • Allows you to block off paths
  • Brand: Habitrail
  • Color: Assorted Colors
  • Shipping weight: 0.06
  • Model: 62701
  • EAN: 0080605627017
  • MPN: 62701

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