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Finnex Deluxe Titanium Heating Tube 800-Watt

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The Titanium Finnex Heatering tubes are corrosion-resistant, extending the life exponentially from saltwater damage. Virtually unbreakable, especially in comparison with the standard glass aquarium, these tubes are built to last. The ultra heating titanium further provides a stable temperature environment for your aquarium lives and eliminates temperature swings that put stress on the aquarist's live stock. The titanium heaters are suited for both use in fresh and salt water aquarium. Temperature controller (sold separately) is required to use heater. Works with Finnex Heating Controllers or other compatible 3 prong accepting controllers.

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  • Deluxe Titanium Heating Tube
  • Controller is needed to operate Titanium Tube. Purchased separately
  • TH-800: 140-265 Gallons
  • Brand: Finnex
  • Shipping weight: 120
  • Model: TH-800
  • EAN: 4719314709139
  • MPN: TH-800

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