Orphaned Pups How to Care for Them

Pups who've lost their mom can easily die without the right care.

How to Keep Your Ferrets Happy

Most ferrets must be caged for at least part of the day. To keep them happy and stimulated, try these tips…

Is a Boxer Dog the Breed for You

Boxers are happy, high-spirited, intelligent and full of energy. If you have children, a Boxer dog is a great choice, because…

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How to Prepare Your Dog to Compete in Rally Dog Sport

Rally is the newest canine performance sport offering elements of many other dog sports put together. There are both obedience and…

Training Your Cat To Use the Toilet

How to train your cat to use the toilet, training yourself, enlisting family help, how cats learn, the use of praise…

How to Get Your Dog to Love Its Crate

If plan to crate your dog, use these simple, no nonsense tips to get your pet to love its crate.