Worried About Pet Food Recalls See If Homemade Cat Food is for You

When you make homemade cat food, you can control what goes into your cats' diet.

Dangers for Cats

Guide to keeping your pets safe, and guide to cool, new pet products.

Cat Toilet Training is a Matter of Patience

The philosophy behind the process of training a cat to use a toilet is attributed to the cat's quality of adaptability…

Food for Cats

Image of Lotus Senior Cat Food, 6 Lb.

Lotus Senior Cat Food, 6 Lb.


Help Your Pet Live a Greener Life

With approximately 170 million pet dogs and cats in the United States it is important to consider how we can reduce…

Homemade Cat Food

Most cats love store-bought food because that's what they are used to eating. But, homemade food can supply them with more…

How to Tell If Your Cat is Overweight or Obese Its Signs and Treatment

Over 50 percent of cats in US households are considered overweight or obese by veterinary health care providers. How do you…