Rabies Prevention is Still the Best Cure

Rabies is a virus that is found in the saliva of animals. Animals that are infected with the rabies virus can…

Be a Good Mom to Your Cat

Shelters everywhere are always trying to get the cats that are homeless adopted by good families.

My Cat Plays FetchNow Only If I Can Teach Him to Use the Toilet

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Odor & Stain Removers for Cats

Image of BYE BYE ODOR Cats


Odor & Stain Removers

Raw Turkey for Healthier Cats

Feeding your cat a steady diet of raw turkey or raw meat has befuddled cat owners for years. My cats today…

Amazing Animals Cats

Third in a series of animal facts articles

How to Keep Your Cats Out of the Kitchen

Had enough of cats underfoot? Don't like fur in your food? Try making your kitchen a forbidden zone. It'll give you…